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2015 Munich High End Show


2015 Munich High End Show

On 14-17 May the biggest and most prestigious audio equipment exhibition in Europe was held in Munich. In four huge exhibition halls a few hundred of exhibitors presented best solutions of sound recording and playback available on the market. JR audio could not afford to absence at this event and showed its flagship turntable equipped with awesome Impossible tone arm with tangential headshell tracking. During the 4 exhibition days audience was charmed by velvety sound played by the one finished with avant-garde red while another one smoothly black based on legs of polished copper look was used to show visitors unusual tone arm geometry.
As we supposed unusualdesign and possibility to listen to in in action arousedgreat interest among guests from all over the world.  During the professional as well as consumer days our stand enjoyedunabated popularity and presentedopinionswereconsistently positive.
It is worth mentioning that our turntable was powered by My Sound tube amplifiers and briliant Horns speaker sets.

We’d like to thank to all visitors to our stand and invite everybody to the next year event to show some surprises we have in store.

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