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Audio Exhibitions


Audio Exhibitions

In late 2014 JR Audio participated in two prestigious High End equipment exhibition in Europe. One was October Goteborg Hi Fi Show and the other one of the biggest in Europe Audio Show in Warsaw.

Both were considered as JR Audio great success.

Journalists , experts, competitors interest as well as crowds of visitors exceeded our expectations.
Original design and high quality workmanship were prised but tangential tracking single axis mount 
Impossible tonearm in action aroused a true sensation. Unique design was a challenge only a few manufactures ever has responded. JR Audio construction looks very elegant and harmonious.
Subtle design based on ruby bearings for many untrained eyes seemed to be just nice looking original but conventional tonearm. Only short explanation along with movement demonstration
elicited a smile of disbelief first, then sincere admiration.
press releases covering these shows both domestic and foreign mentioned in details about products marked with JR audio logo.
A bit untimely, sudden rise in popularity introduced a little chaos in our actions for which we sincerely apologizeall pending
Another factor contributing to the slight delay is quickly approaching May Munich High End Show and need to prepare for this. JR Audio is going to show some turntables of different colours combination and different drive modes, wide range of analog audio accessories  and of course unique Impossible
tonearm in action.
We invite you to visit our booth.


Audio Exhibitions
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