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JR Audio history is a history of one man practically, his passion, talent, dreams obstinacy, perseverance and many years of hard work. Hisextensivelife,whichcould beshared among severalpeople is filled with technology, music and high quality sound.
The story started in the sixtiesof the last century when later JR Audio founder was growing up as a teenager surrounded by The Beatles and Presley music.


He started his musical and technical education at music school and amateur radio courses. He continued taking courses of TV's construction, sound recording, radio broadcasting, tape recorder and records. In 1965 he graduated technical school and discovered that hisinterest in music is losingwith a technology passion. As a result after 2 years first own product came up - record cutting machine equipped with heated Neuman burin. The next step was to establish small sound recording studio. But his ambition and desire to develop were still remaining unmet. The idea to travel abroad looking for new possibilities arose very soon.


He chose Sweden as perfectly organized and dynamic industrial country. As a capable and fast learner he started working for world leading manufacturers of audio and video equipment. The language barrier quickly ceased to be a problem and firstly Philips than Ericsson and finally the biggest audio equipment service in Stockholm hired him. He met there the most advanced devices of Bang and Olufsen, Thorens Lenco, Dual, Garrard, Telefunken, Kenwood and other biggest players of new born High End market. Quick promotion to a higher position and gaining a great reputation gave him a chance to move to well known Scandinavian electronic industry giant - Elfa Radio. There is new opportunity to approach Revox, Nagra, Nakamichi, Ortofon, SME, Luxman, Maranz, Rote top models.

He realized an interesting possibility to use acquired knowledge and experience in his own new company. Turntables manufactured there were equipped with several quite modern solution considering that it was mid seventies which became implemented in top manufacturer products later on. Heavy base of turntable was made of Tuscan onyx and was suspended on just introduced on the market Japanese anti vibration dampers cosinsted of two independent rubber pads.


Power supply with adjustable revolution speed was delivered in separated unit to eliminate transformer vibration and their influence upon sound quality. It was apparently quite extravagant solution, as everybody was trying to manufacture the most compact product.


The company manufactured some mechanical parts for Revox tape recorders and was engaged in servicing advanced audio equipment at he same time. Now there were speakers of Servin Vega, JBL, RCF, Electro Voice and Infinity.


Digital audio market revolution of the nineties forced the constructor to move his activity to other areas where he was succeeded as well.
But the love for analogue music has still been present in his hart and the years of experience and reflection were a great advantage waiting for the right time to shine bright.


The triumphant return of vinyl record is a return of an old master who proudly presents his sophisticated turntables, tonearm and accessories in new shape branded JR Audio.