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About us

JR Audiocompany was established in 2012 as a Swedish Polish joint venture project with the goal ofplacing on the European market High End analogue originally designed and high quality in details made turntable.

JR Audio leading product is also a unique design Impossible tonearm which besides its conventional one axis mounting, drives the stylus at constant angle relative to the grooves no matter how far it is from the center of the record like tangential tonearm does.



This is the most desirable way of playback records as it exactly reflects the way the sound is recorded.


Vinyl records have been produced for years in the same manner. Cutting stylus while recording moves only along the radius of a master record but when play back conventional tonearm leads the stylus in the line of the lesser or greater curve.

Pantograph Impossible tonearm based on the Swiss made, ruby tapered bearings and pivots can compensate constantly changing distance between spindle and stylus and direct it always at a right angle to the grooves withoutloss of stiffness and without self vibrations. Turntable are made of excellent quality European both traditional and modern materials only.



For their selectionare taken intoaccount futureoperating conditions, as well as estimated temperature and humidity changes, self resonance frequencies of particular elements, their stiffness, stability of the whole structure and vibration sterility.


Exclusive turntable and analogue audio equipment accessories complement the JR Audio offer.