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VIP box consists of elegantlypackaged following accessories: 50 Hz strobe torch, record center weight with strobe scalle and level, 45 rmp spindle center adapter.Record center weight presses a record and stabilizes it on a platter. It prevents themovement of the record relative tothe platter while starting and recording. It also improve recording of mid range frequencies by the stylus.


Circumference rectangular marking lighted with proper frequency strobe light by it's apparent motion informes of platter revolution speed deviation in an easy to notice way. JR Audio strobe torch is highly recomended to use along.


Center wight sholud be placed on the center of the record first. After turtable start you should approach strobe torch obliquely to the top external surface of the roller. Threeconcentriccirclesconsisting of rectangular marks of different dimensions are designed to measure 3 standards of turntable speed.

The largest outer band measures 33 ⅓ rpm, the middle band – 45 rpm and the inner one – 78 rpm. Knowing the chosen turntable speed you should observe respective band illuminatedobliquelyfroma short distance. If you see that despite disc movement marks remain stable, the speed is correct and equal to reference one. If you observe that burned pattern moves the speed is incorrect. Apparent counter clockwise move means that you turntable runs too fast. Apparent clockwise move shows your turntable is turning the record too slow.45rpm Spindle Adapter Center enables proper recording of SP records. Adapter placed on the turntable spindle let the record be perfectly centered what gives stable and proper recording speed and protect from acidental stylus damage due to eccentric record placing.


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