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Impossible tonearm is a unique design of the creator of the JR Audio company which perfectly emulates tangential tonearm behaviour. Vinyl records have been produced for years in the same manner.


Cutting stylus while recording moves only along the radius of a master record. It is obvious that to obtain perfect playback you should make the phono cartridge move exactly the same way. There are some extremely expensive and sophisticated commercial models of tangential tonearms which are able to do this.


Other conventional solutions regardless of the tonearm length lead the stylus in the line of the lesser or greater curve. Idea of pantograph tonearmas way to compensate the curve line the stylus is travelling has appeared more often in literature than in real life. Putting into practice some theoretical assumption has faced extremedifficultyin implementing.

The need of applying significance numbers of auxiliary axes of rotation has brought a huge risk of backlash, overweight of whole construction and lack of the necessary rigidity. All these difficulties are overcome in innovative JR Audio Impossible tonearm. Conventionally mounted drives the stylus at constant angle no matter how far it is from the center of the record. Auxiliary axes of rotation based on the Swiss, ruby tapered bearings and pivots. It is managed to get the absolute lack of backlash keeping mutual friction between moving partson extremely low level. Rectangular hollow bars of tonearm are made of wood of pear tree and are light and strong enough and insensitive to humidity in the air. High quality wires conduct the signal to gold-plated jacks by the shortest possible way. Due to its unique design tonearm requires no any adjustment when mounted. Besides its absolutely unusual shape without any curves and roundnesses makes it different from any other available now and ever.

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